LandR's UK Premier!!

Major shout out to Ujima Radio aka 98fm on ya radio dial in Bristol, England! Just caught word that by way of Da Hybrid, we'll be premiering on The Hip Hop Barbershop show! The show airs 7pm-10pm Central America time.

They've decided to pick up two songs from the new album: 
"170-Something" ft. Blaz and Phantom Channel
"B4 the Sun" ft. Twenty2 and APRIME

Needless to say, we're pretty f*ckin hyped and thankful for the opportunity for our music to hit so many more listeners, and to keep it that way, we need YOU to tune in! You don't have to vote or log onto anything...just go to the site and click PLAY. 


So, thanks to all of ya'll for continuing to rock with us, now help the rest of the world catch up to what you already knew!!

To tune in, CLICK HERE.

New Wallpaper for ya desktops!

Ya know...we've been a band for less than 3yrs and sometimes, while working on music, shows, traveling and LIVING don't really realize how much you've done in short amounts of time.

Jeez...we've been BUSY.

Hope you guys dig this, because it was a helluva eye opener for me while making it!


We fixed the place up a bit!

Photos courtesy of Joe Kirschling

If you're reading this, then you already can see that we've fixed the place up a little bit!

But in the pursuit of awesomeness, no one or two men can do it this is where we are calling for YOU to help out. Got any suggestions for content you'd like to see from us to keep in touch better? It could be anything from new sections of the site to somethin as simple as "update more often". No idea is a, wait....yeah, some ideas ARE dumb ideas; but don't let that deter you. We can only give what we know you guys want!

In the immortal words of the great negro poet Jeffrey Atkins.....HOLLLLLAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Album Release Weekend in Review

Sup ya'll?!?! Finally kinda recovered from last weekend's festivities...still got my freedom and there were no small children, women or animals harmed....that we know of....? However...MANY bottles of liquor and beer were PUMMELED and ultimately met their demise. Big time thanks to...

Dj Bizzon 
The Packard Brothers
The Cactus Club crew - Alex (aka Da Sound God) at Cactus Club, Chris (The Greatest Bartender Alive that DOESN'T have awesome jubez)
and Kim (aka KungFuKym) from Hotel Foster (The Greatest Bartender Alive that DOES have awesome jubez).

But most importantly, thanks to ALL OF YOU that came out and are sharing and showing the new album so much luv. 

So, I could describe all the awesomeness (fun girls, great "panty dropping" drinks, awesome music, great venue luv, epic comedy, classic new memories, etc) but I'll just let the pics tell the story.

Unbeknownst to us, we had a photog working our weekend. So, MAJOR SHOUTS OUT TO RYAN FINDLEY!!! She's got a great eye and a nice camera and apparently loves to use it! If you dig whatcha see...hit her up on twitter  and give her some props/work/shots or some sh*t!

Cactus Club

DJ Bizzon got the party started and closed out DOPE.
APRIME aka Discount P opening the festivities.
I love this f*cking shot.
Please, pay no attention to my ashy elbows.
Colin (fka Logic) killin the croons...wit da knit steez.
Love when the crowd sings for us.
The homie SPEAK easy came thru...
These lights get....HOT....
...but not as hot as these legs and heels were!

  Hotel Foster
Gotta love North Ave in Milwaukee!
Event sponsored by Pabst Brewing Company!
Sound check....
.....1...2....GLOW. (Yeah, my kicks ILL mayne)

Colin doin his thang.
This ain't even all the gear. Stage sizes changed our plans a lil bit.
Toast to a weekend well done....
.....ok. And ANOTHER one. We deserved it.
In case you somehow missed premier weekend, we'll be rocking again with Kid Millions, AUTOMatic and Sose at Mad Planet on the 27th....BRING YO ASS!!!


......ya'll ready?

Cactus Club
2496 S. Wentworth Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207

Sh*t Just Got Real!

On Wednesday...our baby left the go multiply it's awesomeness. Then, we submitted the album to iTunes and all those other web sale spots, so those of you not Milwaukee bound can enjoy the fruits of our drunken, hard work in the DangrRoom.
Yep, after 2 long years...our sophomore album is finally....

So, November 8th...almost a full 2yrs later...our new album, chock full and overflowing with awesome can be yours!

So, if you're in Milwaukee, or f*ck it...anywhere in the Midwest, come on out to the album release party!!

For more details on the party, CLICK HERE for the public party page!!

Hmmm??!?! - Behind the Scenes of 'LANdR' (Part Two)

8) What was the creative decision for flipping the "B4 The Sun" song halfway through? The last half of that song is my favorite part of the album, but it's very different, sounding and contextually, from the rest of the album, including even the first half of that song. Can we expect to hear more of this in the future?

Raze - It's really funny you bring that up. After we released the remix for "Here Before", and saw the reaction we got from our fans about it, I made a promise/bet to Colin that we'd have an R&B joint on the new album. He denied...denied....DENIED. Yet, as soon as I played the music for him, he lost it. After that, I just KNEW what was gonna happen. So now, I make a point to bring up that I was right and he shoulda just listened to me from the beginning....hahaha.

Colin – “B4 The Sun” was 100 percent Raze's baby. It was my idea to keep that track between Prime, Twenty2 and Raze. I ended up writing a little something that seemed to go well over it, but still very unattached. After recording, Raze and I thought it would sound best with a female voice over the later part of the song, but I think Raze enjoyed it so much he made the decision to keep it in its original format. To this day I am still not 100 percent but do enjoy the song mostly for the way it came together. As for the flip, the entire album is full of these and I think really add a variety to the project as a whole.

9) What's your favorite creative lubricant? (whiskey, beer, vodka, maryjanejuanna, etc)

C - Most of the above. Altering the mind  goes hand in hand with the creative process. I can say it was probably less than STILL untitled, but shit we are gettin older. Cant get as crazy as we used too.

R - It's interesting because I took in lots of different...creative aids...I started off with MD20/20...then hit Vodka hard for a while...then landed on Whiskey. I feel the album’s wide range of sounds may reflect that. LMAO

10) Did you find it challenging to incorporate the use of nontraditional-to-hip hop instruments such as the acoustic guitar?

R - Actually, not at all. A lot of the instruments and sounds I use in production are already kinda live soundy. So when I play them, it builds a natural environment for acoustic instruments to live in.

C - Not challenging at all, it is something that has been crowning for a long time, and just needed to be put over the right project. We are musicians at the end of the day and will continue to incorporate more and more.

11) Logic and two obviously bring two very different perspectives to this- Logic with any rock influence and Raze with the hip hop. How were you able to blend your "ebony and ivory" views on music into one delicious cohesion of sound?

C - It honestly comes very easily. We have excellent chemistry, and it is fun and therapeutic to create together. Our influences on each other become the road and the vehicle.

R - LOL...It’s cool because I’m typically the loud, hyper, outspoken, “bad guy” while Colin’s the (allegedly) down to earth, laid back, Good Guy. There’s a seriously dope Yin/Yang to our process and co-existence that really shows and shines when we create together. In spite of our differences, we just WORK and rarely disagree. There’s a balance between us that has always come naturally, I think thru the desire to just make the best art we possibly can.

12) What are the elements of this album that separates it from the other albums?

R - I believe the overall sound, feel and vibe of the album is more refined, but not really a separation from our previous stuff. It’s like growing wiser with age; you don’t really change as a person, just the way you go about handling your business, because you’ve learned along the way.

C - What separates this album is kind of up to the listener. We def feel evolution in our sound but it’s kind of like looking at yourself in the mirror every day. The change is gradual to you but can be drastic to others.

13) Why make a second Album? Both of y'all are attached, got all kinds of responsibilities and shit. Ain't like y'all can tour or be a spokesman for Under Armour baseball gloves with all poon thrown your way.

R - I think we’re both just doing what we naturally do. It’s impossible to quit doing something that you just naturally ARE. We don’t do music for any purpose other than exercising our natural drive to compose and create art. Besides, we’re dope as f*ck…why NOT make another album?

C - Whatever

14) Besides scheduling, what is the hardest part of working with musicians that you normally do not collaborate with?
C - I wouldn't say theres anything hard about it. Its new , its a challenge , thats what makes it fun.

R - I’d say incorporating their styles and vibes and perspectives into “our world”. From their creative processes, to their comfort zones. Pushing them to be as dope as possible, while respecting the dopeness we already know they already have, bcuz otherwise they wouldn’t be invited to feature on the songs, LOL.

Huh? - Behind the Scenes of 'LANdR' (Part One)

This is the first of a 3 part series of interviews. Some questions were from fans...some were from the press...and others were from the guest artists on the new album.

1) Did you all get a chance to work with everyone you wanted to on the project? Or were there even set "prospects" of who you all wanted on the album that were discussed during the planning stages? Was there even a "planning stage"...or did you two just like...turn on the keyboard and the mic and say "GO!"?

Colin - The individuals we had the absolute pleasure of working with on this album were with very little consideration. We basically knew, dependent upon the song, who we would be propositioning for the feature. Unfortunately, there were a couple people we wish we could have arranged to be a part and also some people that were a part of the project, but due to the flow of the album we had to alter or remove but for the most part feel everyone on this project was meant to be there. 

Raze - Ultimately, everyone that ended up on the album was just meant to be. Not to sound cliche' but, where we were going, what we wanted to do...all the pieces just FIT. Nothing was forced for the sake of making a feature work. Now, there admittedly were a few artists I was really interested in getting on this album, for different reasons tho. I would've loved to have gotten the Yo Dot joint to fit somewhere, but that's gonna be fresh as f*ck anyway, so it'll definitely find it's way outta the DR (DangrRoom) sometime. I was hoping to link up with Proph on a joint too. I think most of all tho, I wanted to work with Mike Carpenter (aka MJ Carps) more than we did. Honestly, I love the "*****" joint, so at least we got him on the album as a bonus track. But after the magic of "Thinking out Loud" from "...STILL" I really wanted to do something more. But, that's what we got other albums/EPs for, right?

2) Before the recording process began, was there a desired "sound" you two were looking to achieve? If so, do you feel it was accomplished?

C - As for a desired sound I can honestly answer no. We have with the last two projects had the awesome experience and ability to grow and write and produce and simply stack together a sound that feels so good to us. And hopefully yall too.

R - As an engineer/producer, I just wanted this album to sound like Colin. What I mean by that is, I wanted the overall sound & feel of the album to fit his vocal style. He's got a crazy unique vibe that's so soulful and free spirited, yet kinda backwoods kuntree...but also really NEW SCHOOL. It's wild, so I wanted the record to FEEL like how he sounds. I wanted to get digital crispiness, but to also somehow keep the dirt of analog/tape saturation. I think if I didn't nail it, I got cot damned close. I'm happy and feel we knocked it out.

3) In relation to "...Still Untitled" (if it can be compared at all in your opinions), what elements are still there? What elements are not? Was anything purposely added or removed to make it sound similar or different?

C - Our back and forth chemistry is and always will be still there. There is a lot of behind the scenes banter that STILL exists and helps create the free feeling music I feel we make. 

R - I think the growth between albums makes this kinda tough to answer, for me. I feel the production value is still there and enhanced; the care and build of ideas into songs. But I also feel this album has more overall thematic cohesion. The first album was really helter skelter, and it was conceived that way. But this one definitely has more consistency from a topics standpoint. Oh, and THE DRUMS. Any track we produce or co-produce must have ill drums. 

4) Is there, as it was so eloquently put before by Raze.....a "pussy song"?

C - ....pussy song???? Hmmm, Raze is there???

R - LMAO...I think we accomplished a feat many artists never do: Record an entire album without a pussy song. Oh...wait..."*****" is a bonus track, so technically it's not on the "album", but ya'll still get to hear it. So I dunno, does that count? LOL

5) What was the process that you guys used when determining the order the songs are listed/arranged for the new album?

R - Really we wanted to start different, so people from JUMPOFF knew "we're not in Still Untitled mode anymore!", so 'Remedy/Wake Up' was a no brainer. From there, everything else just kinda fell together by feel. I think our consistent theme and/or concept writing, made it easier for us to tell stories within songs and tie together songs with the many musical change ups.

C - Order is a long, long.....long process that takes a lot of feeling and emotion to compile. I can only say this; only once a project is finished can it be considered. 

6) Was having Colin sing more in this album (as opposed to rapping) something that happened naturally or was that a goal?

C - I can honestly say hip hop will be the base of almost everything I create, however...with working with Raze and Ed (of The Hollowz), I have found a voice that I was somewhat unaware that I had. And I really like the feeling of writing this way.

R - I think it was definitely natural. Contrary to what some people have asked before, we really don't put a whole lot of thought into our creative process. At least 75% of what we do is based on FEEL and EMOTION. So, listening to how melodic his writing was on "...Still untitled", and before that "DOSAF", I think it was only a matter of time until his singing came to life. But, really I think that's also something that gets misconstrued of him singing now. Even when he "raps" his cadences and delivery are melodic, in his own unique way. So him "singing more" isn't really a stretch or focal point. It's just what certain songs end up calling for. It's another weapon in the L&R arsenal that some of our "peers" don't have the ability to bite. LOL

7) What was the goal of this album as a whole and how did that macro vision affect the creative process of individual songs? 

R - Speaking personally, the goal of this album, was to solidify both of us as "not just Hip Hop artists or rappers". Both of us have really sprawling and expanding interests musically outside of Hip Hop, so I think this album was more about expanding our sound and subject matter accordingly; making a more personal album while simultaneously making it more globally digestible. We've got music ADD like a muthaf*cka, and I think that's definitely reflected in the soundscape of this record.

C - Outside of sheer awesomeness there was no goal.


Get ready!

It's officially AWESOME SEASON. Sponsored by The PHESH.

Stay tuned....lots more on the way where this came from!