So...this is the part where people launching their site say something introductory and corny.

Well, f*ck that. 

This is where you'll be able to keep up with all things awesome, absurd, redundant and epic that's connected to the adventures of Logic & Raze.

And just in case you can't tell from the picture up top, WE'RE REALLY HYPE about it.

As we feel you should be too!

2 musicians that started off with Hip Hop and somehow took a left, and arrived in iDunnoWhatThisIsButItSoundsF*ckinDOPE-ville.

So, welcome....and please check all inhibitions and at least half your morals at the door.


P.S. - There's Easter Eggs all over the site. Secret links to secret sections of the site for your work productivity destroying pleasure to find. There are a few in particular that owners of the album will DEFINITELY appreciate!! And please, don't tell your homies or homegirls where they are. Instead, enjoy the looks of frustration on their faces when they CAN'T find them!! It's more fun that way!

Happy hunting!!