Drink Somethin' (Pt. 1)

So, we're doing a running series of "Get To Know Us Better" style vids.

And we're callin' em "Drink Somethin".

We'll be at random places around the city drinkin somethin...more than likely also EATING somethin...discussing random questions.

This week's episode landed us at BBC's on North Ave!
The burger was pretty good (the bun was EXCELLENT) and the lemons were HUGE!

So, take a dive into the slightly altered....very interesting minds of Logic and Raze!

If you've got questions you'd like to submit, or suggestions on where to film a segment (especially if you would like to "sponsor" us to film at YOUR bar) hit us up at FANBASE@LogicAndRaze.com with "Drink Somethin" in the subject line.