So we had yet ANOTHER session for the song "Vespa" on the new AUTOMatic album.

Now, when I say "another" I mean this is now the 3rd time we've tried to get this joint done. Mainly bcuz Logic and APRIME be over analyzing ish. I keep tellin these dudes to fall back and just let it be cuz it FEELS good.

But, we finally found a happy medium. Plus we actually did figure out a cool portion of the song for Logic to join in on too...so I guess it wasn't ALL for nothin. The song's gonna be dope as f*ck...trust that.

Oh yeah, that's APRIME in the main chair. He's been making lots of progress this year learning about recording and stuff, so I just hung around to give input and make sure he didn't blow my sh*t up.

And surprisingly, Logic actually kept his damn shoes on in the booth.