Raze's Favorite 25 Songs of 2011

I don't know if Logic wanted to do a list too, and he can...but I'm not collab'n with dude any more than I already have to until he proves he can go shot-for-shot with me in a Jamison Strong Man contest. 

Til, then...

Here's MY list of FAVORITE 25 songs of the year. I felt that "best" or "Top" were so wrongfully used and overly objective terms to use since ultimately if there's no panel other than one's self, IT'S JUST OPINION ANYWAY. 

So here's my list and some of the various reasons for them.

Yes, they are in reverse countdown order. 

25. Katy Perry - Last Friday Night
24. Yelawolf - The Last Song
Anytime an artist puts their personal family business out there, I'm wit it. Especially if it is an angsty track giving the middle finger to a dad that was never there.
23. The Weeknd - The Zone
I dig slow jams. Mainly cuz I like boning to music. And Chicks like sexy slow songs. Do the math.
22. Phonte - Gonna Be a Beautiful Night
Sure, he had some dope rap records on his album, but this one is just too infectious of a prelude to smang'n after spending a romantic night two stepping and doing body shots...
21. Pizzle - Home ft. Jon Frost
Easily one of my favorite albums (indie or major) of the year. And this joint had a very Timbo-esque vibe to it, but Pizzle and Mr. Frost make it all their own and KILLED IT.
20. CyHi Da Prince - Whoopty Doo ft. Medium Sean
I dunno where da hell CyHi's album went this year, but he and NO I.D. made 
a damn near perfect song right here.
19. Zion I - Victorious People ft. Freeway
18. FUPM (Bobby Creek & Stat Quo) - Alright Alright ft. Kevin Hart
17. Lil Wayne - She Will ft. Drake
16. Bad Meets Evil - Fastlane
Finally, real lyricism returned to the mainstream. Can't wait for the new Slaughterhouse album.
15. Common - Cloth
I expected the new Com to be ill, but this joint right here is SHOCKINGLY good.
14. Black & Brown - Black & Brown
One of my favorite examples of how recklessly good hip hop can be.
13. Logic & Raze - Thinking Out Loud
Screw you if you call that I'm biased. This song is damn good. I'm proud that I had a hand in making it.
12. Jon Frost - Waaay Gone
11. Katy Perry - E.T. ft Kanye West
This is no typo. I listed TWO Katy Perry songs on my list. Shut up. Ke$ha almost made it too. JUDGE ME.
10. Esperanza Spalding - Short and Sweet
This is MUSIC. Some of you may be unfamiliar with it. It's not new...but it sometimes when done so elegantly, FEELS LIKE IT.
9. The Foreign Exchange - Steal Away ft. Jeanne Jolly
8. Drake - Underground Kings
7. Adele - Love Song
Although it was released in 2011, it's not technically a new song, but Adele brought it back, made it feel AWESOME in the process. Plus, choosing "Rolling in The Deep" would've just been too damn easy.
6. The Hollowz - Group Therapy
Words cannot describe how much I relate to this song. And the interlude at the end is a display of some of the best soundstage engineering I've ever heard.
5. Kendrick Lamar - Keisha's Song
4. Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx - Nightcall
Lead track from the movie Drive. Damn this the hardest synth-pop beat I've heard since NIN "Closer".
3. Jay Z & Kanye West - N*ggas in Paris
Try not to spazz when this comes on. I DARE YOU. *cue Yeezy HAAANNHHH*
2. Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said
Hands down the best Hip Hop song I heard all year. From the beat to the lyrics...sheesh. Not even fair.
1. Marsha Ambrosious - Far Away
Having lost my big brother this year, I had a lot of problems coping. Some days I couldn't get outta bed, other days I couldn't even think about it. But more than anything, I went three months after the funeral and COULDN'T CRY. This song was the only way I could...and it was the best therapy I could never have asked for. Plus, this song is one of not only Just Blaze's best productions, but Marsha's best vocal performances.

There ya go. I would do an honorable mentions, but I tend to think those are just ways to make losers feel better about themselves. And I don't really care about that.

Oh yeah, that pic up top is supposed to make my list seem more legit cuz I'm playing an instrument...with my eyes closed. Cuz ya know, that's what REAL musicians do.