Long Story Short...C-Note

Aiight so back in like '98 or somethin, Jynxx and I moved down to Atlanta, GA to take over the world. 

What we actually did, was take over our condo/apartment complex.

Which was a rather life altering experience, but none the less...Right b4 we moved back, we "discovered" a mixtape (back then they were called DEMOs...lol) of a young, untapped talent by the name of "C-Note".

We have no idea wtf this guy looks like, or how his demo ended up in our condo's tape deck at our "Going Back To Milwaukee" party...but it did. And we ain't looked at hip hop the same since.

I present to you a snippet of, C-Note's demo.

We need YOUR help!!

Do you want to hear Logic & Raze on the radio?

Of course you do!

Several weeks back, listener supported radio station 88Nine Radio Milwaukee featured L&R’s “Here Before” as a part of their “New Music Wednesday” series and believe it or not, L&R blew the other 3 songs that were also debuted out of the water by dozens of votes.

While that’s great, support for the song can’t stop there.

We encourage all L&R fans to request the song – WITHOUT SPAMMING – using the following paths:

1.)  Give them a call – 414-475-8890.  All of the on-air staffers are very nice and all heavily support local music when they’re not at their “9 to5” in addition to their efforts to make sure a large spectrum of Milwaukee artists are played on their station.

2.)  Call on Saturday morning and/or watch their Facebook feed on Saturday morning for a call for requests, for their weekly request show “Let’s Hear It” with Marcus Doucette.  You can leave the request as a Facebook comment on the post or you can call them.  You can also go to this page on their website to make your request - Click Here To Request Our Sh*t!!!
It’s just that simple!

So, remember – Logic & Raze’s “Here Before” is the song you are gunning for.


Logic & Raze

P.S. - In the spirit of full disclosure, that well tanned, non bearded brother in the above picture is NOT Raze. Assuming the height and "darkness" didn't tip you off already.  That's APRIME. Raze was busy taking the picture....and probably flirting with a female intern.

The Hollowz - Bleed

New track by The Hollowz just dropped.

To those of you unfamiliar with The Hollowz (I have no idea how you could be if you're HERE), that's the group Logic is in with producer Ed Cayce. They put out an epic album in 2011 and a slick e.p. in 2010 (both of which you can stream for free here on the "More Tunes" tab).

This track is called "Bleed" and was originally supposed to be the outro of Ed Cayce's "Fears of Sex and Flying" instrumental album, but for one reason and another it didn't make it out of the Evil Lair...

Till today.

Press play. Enjoy.