New Video News!

So...a funny thing happened about a month ago...

We got an email from a really talented guy named Jack Packard. He'd done some work with the homie Ku Mays b4, and also shot some live performance video of Raze before. He emailed us because he'd gotten our album "...STILL untitled" and wanted to know if we had any plans for shooting any more videos for the album; which we replied "HELL YEAH!".

Well, the next email Jack sent us was a fairly detailed description of his vision for a particular song on the album that quite frankly, WAS F*CKING INSANE.

 I mean that in the most respectful way possible...I mean this idea read like somethin out of a late 70's/early 80's psycho-slasher flick...which we were 100% down with cuz we're movie junkies for that sorta stuff.

Last night we filmed the entire shoot in one outing. It was cold. It was wet. It was muddy. It was bright. It was dark. It was brain numbing. It was exhausting. But more than any of that, it was worth every painfully hysterical laugh we let out in the process...and I'm certain it WILL shock the f*ck out of every person that sees it.

So, since we don't wanna give a way which song it's for...Here's a few production stills from the vid...have fun guessing which song it's for...

...somebody say AWARDS?

Yup...that's right! We (along with the homies Automatic and The Hollowz) are nominated for a few awards this year!

While Logic is surprised by this, the ever so humble Raze is not.

Appreciative, YES.

Surprised? HELL NO!!

But being nominated isn't enough...we believe in the awesome power of WIN here! So let's get some votes going people!! Please, take a few minutes outta ur day (if you REALLY don't care about work productivity, take a LOTTA minutes outta ur day) and click some boxes next to OUR name!!

Band of the Year
Song of the Year
Video of the Year
Album of the Year
Catchiest Song of the Year
Album Artwork of the Year

Hell, even to be greedy you could write in our  "...untitled LIVE" e.p. in the Best Disc We Missed category!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...we're also gonna be performing LIVE at the Awards Show at Turner Hall on Tuesday, March 6th!!

All votes will be appreciated and reimbursed in the form of Now&Laters and M&M's at our next show!!