L&R/The Hollowz @ SXSW

While we won't be performing down there, Logic (pka Colin) will be down there kickin it, drinking, partying, enjoying "the views" and of course, NETWORKING!!!

Trying to get the word out about the crew is nowhere close to as easy as it may SEEM to be sometimes...trust, overnight successes just don't happen anymore. So, we gotta hit the road! Fans are like friends you can never seem to remember the names of bcuz every time you kick it, you get ultra wasted, but still have a great time...LOL.

Either way...the point is, if you see my partner in crime down there, BUY THAT MAN A BEER!! Or a whiskey sour...or a shot of Jameson. He LOVES shots of Jameson.

In the meanwhile, if you haven't checked it out yet, head over to www.djbizzon.com and download that Takeover vol. 1 Mixtape featuring music by US and a buncha other dope tunes. It's DEFINITELY worth the ipod space.

Raze's Rant: Blogs and New Hustles

I totally forgot to post this one!

It's from 2weeks ago...I took a week off bcuz I really didn't feel like dealing with the whole KONY crap last week...plus the awards took a lot outta me. So...here ya go!!