Switching Positions is Fun

Yep...I bet you dirty minded creeps are thinkin' all kinds of craziness...SMH.

I'm talking about role reversal in the studio! Last night's session was crazy bcuz I typically am the guy in the "Captain's Chair", doing the directing and vocal coaching. But it was confirmed last night that while I usually record myself, it's not only easier and far more convenient to have either APRIME or Logic record my verses for me, it's also FAR better for my performances in the booth. Dammit, where were these dudes five years ago?!?! Trust me, setting the prerecord count-in then running to the booth just to screw up ur verse on the first 3 bars SUCKS.

Oh yeah, I also learned a very, VERY interesting factoid about Logic, APRIME and BlAz last night...they're all DEATHLY AFRAID of centipedes. There were 2 centipedes in the studio last night and all three of these dudes LOST IT. It was the most hilarious thing I'd seen in days...and now, they are officially ON BLAST. You're welcome guys!

In other news: This Friday, Logic&Raze will be performing at WMSE's Cover Milwaukee show! Where some of the city's best bands perform covers & interpretations of great Milwaukee made songs of past and present. Some of ya'll have heard one of the songs we've done, come check out the rest! You can order tickets in advance for the show  at this link --->CLICK HERE FOR TIX

Anyway, Thanx to everyone that's checked out the "Eye Gee Oh" video so far! If you dig it, SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS and tell those guys (and especially girls) to share it too.

- R

EYE GEE OH (Official Music Video)

If ever there was a crazy Friday night...it was certainly last Friday.

I would love to run down the happ'nings to ya'll but it simply wouldn't do them ANY JUSTICE.

Please, to anybody that was there, feel free to comment and leave your "WTF" moments of the Vid Premeire Party!

But, in the meanwhile, to those of you that haven't checked it out yet over the weekend, HERE YA GO!!

Trust me, this vid is everything we've been telling you it was....AND MORE.

Extra, uber awesome thanx again goes out to Jack and Nick Packard for the amazing job they did on this vid. Be on the lookout for those guys...and seriously...artists, be brave....BOOK THEM.