Did somebody say Summerfest?

Hell yes! Just got the news yesterday that Logic & Raze/The Hollowz will be rocking the Harley Davidson stage at Summerfest this year on opening night (aka The Big Bang). Needless to say for one of the biggest music festivals in the country, we're gonna put on a very VERY special performance!

So, with that said...we're gonna address a pretty frequently asked question in hopes that by the time Summerfest and other gigs roll around, we won't have to anymore...lol.

"Why'd you guys settle on the band name Logic & Raze, instead of coming up with something more fancy or creative?" - Random Fan/Interviewer

This is probably the most asked question we get from fans/friends/homies/chicas, and I'm not quite sure why we're just NOW addressing it...but here it goes. It's hard explaining why we didn't come up with a fancier name. When we came together (PAUSE) as a group (PAUSE) it was completely unplanned. What we thought would be ONE song ("Off My Rocker") turned into a lotta really good ideas which turned into a really good album that fortunately for us, a lotta people (primarily YOU GUYS) dig. We made & make music by how we FEEL, and honestly when it came time to really put a name to what we'd created it just felt right continuing to call ourselves who we are - Logic and Raze. It's just that we don't get too cerebral with it. We try to NOT over-think things. Some stuff just FEELS good, and we believe music is supposed to FEEL...GOOD. So if Logic & Raze as a band name sounds kinda like "the cool/creepy guys from that one party" when said aloud, that's probably because WE ARE kinda like those cool, creepy, awesome, lady-killing (figure of speech, we're not murderers) guys from that one party.

We drink, we joke and we JAM.

That's why we're simply known as...Logic and Raze.

P.S. - We're dropping a new single next week...so STAY TUNED! Great NEW tune just in time for spring fever!