New Visuals: AUTOMatic - The Back Up ft. Logic


New music vid from the extended fam AUTOMatic featuring LoDGe...and also a SICK guitar solo by the homie Mike Carpenter (That name may sound familiar to all the Ampersands bcuz he's the same genius that helped us out with "Thinking Out Loud").

On some real jack...this track was always one of my favs off the new AM album "Art Imitates Life" (not just bcuz my bro is featured either) and I'm maad glad it got a video and single status push.

Shout out to the homie Dana Coppa on the crispy videographicals and ish too...the black & white...the reverse fx...hell, there were all kinds of fx and edits in this joint to keep shit interesting and cool as fuck. I think me and LoDGe should hire this guy for something. LOL

Push play, get impressed, then take ur ass to their Bandcamp page and purchase the "UBER ILL RIDICULOUS HOW MUCH BONUS MATERIAL CAN YOU REALLY PUT INTO A FKN BONUS EDITION OF A PROJECT HOLY CRAP I GUESS THIS MUCH!!!" copy of the album.

You will NOT be disappointed. Why? Because Raze guarantees it.

I mean, that ain't like...a Sham-wow guarantee or nothin, but if you don't like can drop a comment on the wall and totally tell me I'm a jag or some shit.

To check out the rest of the album and grab the album click the album cover below

You're welcome.

- R.