To those of you lucky and awesome enough to have grabbed the #MFXMAS e.p. we dropped 2wks ago got to check out this new single...but to those of you that DIDN'T......here's a shot at redemption. This dope track was the product of a ridiculous beat that Audiopilot cooked up for us that Lo totally smashed outta the park, then Raze drizzled some of his Dream Juice on (PAUSE) to bring it home.

Overall, this is a zany, fun, uptempo, bassy banger that'll have ya head noddin' from 0:00 to 3:42 and keep goin till you replay that sh*t.

But, like I said....those of you that already snatched #MFXMAS already know that...right? LOL


And don't forget, feel free to drop those comments of love and lust below!!

PS - Big thanks to Def Drewcifer aka Drew Lettner of Def Perception on the cover photography!!


Damn....I really REALLY miss summer time.

BUT, were it summer time, it wouldn't be FOOTBALL SEASON!!

Yep, for those of you that don't know (since we/I rarely if ever have brought it up b4), I'm a HUGE sports fan. In particular, NFL football.

And for the record, GO PACK GO bcuz it's ALL PACK EVERTHANG!!

Alright, with that said....

It's that time of year where the awards for rookie of the year, coach of the year and MVP (and a few others) start getting voted on and here's where I'm gonna put my two cents in. And, as always, feel free to comment/agree/retort below!

Rookie of the Year
For RotY honors, I'm riding with Andrew Luck in Indy, and here's why....

He looks like Junior Gorg of Fraggle Rock.

Of the top 3 rookies (Luck, RG3 & Russell Wilson), Luck had the most compelling situation to step into. "Replacing" a living/actively playing in the league legend like Peyton Manning ain't no easy task. Not to mention, the team finished with TWO WINS the season before, so it's pretty safe to say this wasn't the best of situations to step into. He was basically the piece they were building for the future around. Statistically his year hasn't been as impressive as Wilsom or RGIII, but he also hasn't had anywhere close to as solid a supporting cast around him either, offensively or defensively. What Wilson had in Marshawn Lynch (great fkn running back) and a ridiculous defense (crazy secondary/pass rush), Luck had unproven and under-performing counterparts. Plus, let's not forget...RGIII may not even be the best rookie ON HIS OWN TEAM (does the name Alfred Morris ring a bell?). 

Oh yeah, plus this muhf*cka led a 2nd half comeback to defeat my beloved Packers. 

And he looks like JUNIOR fkn GORG from Fraggle Rock!!!

After losing his coach for 90% of the season, Luck had to take the early route to becoming a leader of the team and I feel he did. And did a damn good job in the process.

Coach of the Year
This one is always tough, because everyone looks at it differently. 
Is it the coach of the best team with the best record in the league?
Is it the coach that has succeeded in the face of the most adversity?

Well, I consider it the latter...so I'm voting for Jim Schwartz of the Detroit Lions.

Yes, you're reading that right. Jim f*cking Schwartz. 
Last year, the Lions were a young team on the verge of turning the page to becoming a realistic championship caliber team. Tough, young defense. Skilled QB with a ridiculous arm. Future Hall of Fame WR. 

They just needed a few more pieces and they were THERE.

In comes Jim f*cking Schwartz.

Just three years removed from one of the greatest accomplishments in NFL history (the legendary 0-16 year), Jim saw the Lions headed in a direction of success and positivity. From 2 wins...to 6 wins...to 10 WINS?!?! Oh no...we couldn't have this sh*t happening. THEY ARE THE LIONS!! 

So good 'ol Jim scales things back, cleans up his play calling and voila! Barring anything goes wrong today, they're right back to double digit losing season excellence, as Lions fans have come to expect over the last 50+ years. Great fkn job Jim. I pray that your job remain secure.

Most Valuable Player

AARON "Here b*tch, hold my belt" RODGERS

F*ck the feel good stories of Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning's combacks from injuries.
F*ck Matty Ice (named after a sh*tty beer) and the Failcons.

This guy has had THREE centers this season.
He's had a different starting running back EVERY GAME this season.
He's had a different offensive line every 3 games this season.
....oh yeah, and he's NEVER had his entire corps of wide receivers healthy at the same time ALL SEASON.

And he's STILL putting up crazy numbers and led The Packers to a #2 seed in the playoffs. Dealing with yet ANOTHER season marred by ridiculous injuries to starters, the one constant has been the play of The Belt. Call him what you want...

Touchdown Foke.
Video Game.
Da' Stache.

The man is MONEY. 35+ touchdowns (2nd in the league)....single digit INTs (1st of QBs with at least 300 attempts)....106.2 QB rating (1st in NFL).

F*ck Peyton's Neck. 
F*ck Russel Wilson and the Fail Mary Seahaux.
F*ck Adrian's knee and the Viqueen's piece of sh*t arena wit it's broke ass roof.
F*ck Matty Ice and his idiot receivers and their axe hair gel overloading head coach.


As usual, throw them comments down below!! See ya next year!

- R