To those of you lucky and awesome enough to have grabbed the #MFXMAS e.p. we dropped 2wks ago got to check out this new single...but to those of you that DIDN'T......here's a shot at redemption. This dope track was the product of a ridiculous beat that Audiopilot cooked up for us that Lo totally smashed outta the park, then Raze drizzled some of his Dream Juice on (PAUSE) to bring it home.

Overall, this is a zany, fun, uptempo, bassy banger that'll have ya head noddin' from 0:00 to 3:42 and keep goin till you replay that sh*t.

But, like I said....those of you that already snatched #MFXMAS already know that...right? LOL


And don't forget, feel free to drop those comments of love and lust below!!

PS - Big thanks to Def Drewcifer aka Drew Lettner of Def Perception on the cover photography!!

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