Raze's Rant - Donald Driver's Fans Should STFU & Celebrate

As a lifelong Packers fan, Donald Driver has always been a class act since he came into the league for us. He’s been successful as a workman type, that seemed to grow more into his physical gifts and used his smarts on the field to take his game to the next level to make up for being undersized as a #1 receiver. Words can’t express how glad I am that he’s chosen to retire as a GB Packer.

With that said…I feel the angst of HIS fans (ya know, the people that put their fanfare of DD above their fanfare for The Packers), are tainting his retirement. I understand the emotional attachment, but how such a large group of people can be completely blind and dare I say, ignorant, to REALITY…that he simply didn't have the ability to do what we've all grown accustomed to seeing him do…is completely beyond me. And his fans are adding a thick layer of negativity and bitterness to a retirement that we should ALL as Packers fans, be celebrating. All the shots being taken at the coaching staff for their "not letting Donald on the field" is absurd. I'd like to believe that Coach McCarthy and the rest of the offensive (no pun intended) coaching staff have a significantly better grasp on player assessment than any of us in Packer Fan-Land do.

If Driver could have been more effective this past season, I find it hard to believe that this coaching staff and Rodgers wouldn't have liked to take any advantage they could get. But all in all, HUGE congrats to Donald Driver on a magnificent career and best wishes in the media, because that just seems like a natural “next progression” for a guy of his stature.

- R

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