Who Are Colin and Raze?

Raze: "Hey man, wanna do...like a 4 or 6 song e.p. or somethin'...just because?"

Colin: "Sure...why not?"

This was how it all started. 

Two artists known for their charismatic deliveries and zany, yet lyrically visceral rhymes, joined forces and haven't looked back since. 

For years, Colin and Raze have been two of Milwaukee's hip hop heavyweights. They've performed not only in the city, but also in other markets (Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, and more); they've also shared the stage with a host of nationally celebrated acts (Nas, Outkast, Bone Thugs N' Harmony and MORE). Interestingly though, while they had collaborated with many of the same artists, and shared the same stage on numerous occasions, they themselves had never made a song together. 

That is, until "Off My Rocker" was born. 

While Colin was fresh off the release of his group The Hollowz' stunning debut album "Dreams of Sex and Flying", Raze was in a state of sonic reinvention, after having released his second solo album "Living in Technocolor" the year prior. Which meant both were in a VERY creative place. The creation of the intended "just because" project ballooned into a full blown album, which explores a wide range of topics; such as each artist's inner demons (battles with aggression/anger, marital infidelity, drug & alcohol issues) as well as their lighter, goofball sides (partying, drinking, practical joking). And even taking the time out to throw a few hilarious jabs at how hip hop artists are interviewed by the media. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...one is black and the other is white...which adds another crazy dynamic to the duo. 

The only thing more incredible than their music, is the chemistry they've developed in such a short amount of time. On stage Colin moves smoothly, with a controlled rhythmic energy; Raze is erratic, and jumps all over the place and occasionally....well, regularly either doing the splits or humping the stage (Don't ask, you just gotta see it to believe it). They are an incredible yin and yang to see and hear. 

Never afraid to bend, twist, break or blend genres, Colin and Raze bring you Hip Hop with heaping seasonings of classic rock, experimental, pop, electronica and dance. And LOTS of comedy. Sometimes dry, sometimes soaking wet and gut busting. 

So, who are Colin and Raze? 

Two entertaining Midwestern guys that make really eclectic music that hate their day jobs. 

But do a damn good job on the night-shift.